Lancôme Lipstick

Don’t just color your lips — condition them with Lancôme lipstick in beautiful shades. Rich in antioxidants and emollients, Lancôme bathes your lips with hydration and Vitamin E for smoother and softer lips. Browse our Lancôme lipstick colors from nude shades to statement-making lip colors like Purple Fascination and Absolute Rouge. Lancôme Color Design lipstick delivers full coverage and high shine in a single application that lasts all day. The creamy formula is long-wearing yet never leaves your lips feeling dry.

Gorgeous lips begin with great skin care. Lancôme skin care nourishes your skin to rehabilitate its ability to heal and repair damage. Be sure to generously apply Lancôme lip plumping balm both morning and night. It soothes and smoothes the delicate tissues of your lips, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. On its own, it plumps and refines your lips. Under your favorite Lancôme lipstick, it boosts hydration, leaving your lips supple. Use it in conjunction with your Lancôme facial moisturizer for softer, more radiant looking skin.

For added definition, start with a Lancôme lip liner to outline your lips. Follow with the Lancôme lipstick of your choice. Choose a lip liner one to two shades darker than your lipstick. For added drama, go bold with Lancôme lip gloss. Add shine to Lancôme lipstick colors or skip the lipstick and wear the liner and gloss together for a more sheer application.

Perfect your pout with Lancôme lipstick from Belk.