Laura Mercier Brushes

Effortlessly create the look you want with the full range of Laura Mercier beauty products. Belk offers Laura Mercier brushes and other tools and accessories for applying makeup essentials like eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers. Discover Laura Mercier makeup brushes including a specially shaped powder brush for applying loose setting powder. Whether you need precise placement over a specific area or an all over application, you’ll love the way the sculpted brush head helps you achieve perfect results.

When you need something to buff the powder, select Laura Mercier brushes. We have blending brushes designed with round heads and no flat edges so the powder goes on smooth. A small handle allows for easy maneuvering and provides better control when you’re blending your powder foundation. Use Laura Mercier makeup brushes to contour your cheekbones. These brushes feature a slanted, rounded shape which mimics the angles of your cheekbones.

Are you looking for extra control when applying foundation? Select a Laura Mercier sponge. These sponges are non-allergenic and feature a non-latex material that holds the product in place and allows you to apply foundation smoothly and evenly. You’ll love how these sponges maintain their form after repeated washings. Buy a 4-pack Laura Mercier sponge set that’s soft and gentle on the face.

From sponges and eyelash curlers to tweezers, eyeliner brushes and makeup brushes, you’ll want to collect the whole Laura Mercier collection.