Laura Mercier Perfume

Whether you’re getting ready for work, going out with friends or enjoying a date night, a spray of your favorite fragrance makes all the difference. From romantic floral scents to soft musk, from sandalwood to deliciously sweet vanilla aromas, explore Laura Mercier perfume fit for every occasion. Browse our selection to find the perfect Laura Mercier fragrance to spray and layer with your favorite scented Laura Mercier skin care essentials and moisturizers. Collect them all to create custom scents that capture your personality.

After you’ve applied your face makeup and other Laura Mercier cosmetics, add the final touch to your daily beauty routine with Laura Mercier perfume. Try Verbena eau de toilette spray for a fresh and light scent to stimulate the senses. Its infusion of green citrus, spearmint, fresh blossoms, white amber and cedarwood leaves your body refreshed and rejuvenated. Have an elegant evening planned? Try a spray or two of the exotic, warm and welcoming scents of L’Heure Magique® Laura Mercier fragrance.

Do you love vanilla? If you want to smell delicious, you won’t be disappointed with a bottle of Laura Mercier Vanille perfume. The Gourmande Laura Mercier fragrance seamlessly blends soft florals with the sweet scent of vanilla.Looking for the right gifts for her? She can never have too many makeup tools and accessories. Shop our selection of Laura Mercier products for thoughtful gifts you can give her all year long.