Le Vian® Necklaces

The term "imported" has long conjured images of the exotic and rare, the sophisticated and luxurious. Nowhere are those vivid images truer than with the Le Vian® chocolate diamond necklace. That’s because Le Vian® is the only jeweler to create fine jewelry with rare chocolate diamonds imported from select mines in Australia, Borneo and the Congo. These exclusive diamonds are selected for their clarity, rarity and exquisite chocolate shades from light champagne to deep, rich cognac.

Just like every woman, every diamond is unique. A woman who wears a chocolate diamond necklace from Le Vian® is a woman who appreciates the rare elegance of a designer piece. She unapologetically makes the statement that she deserves only the best. When you shop for your Le Vian® necklace at Belk, you will find designs and styles as unique as the chocolate diamonds they feature. Imagine a sparkling pendant with grape amethyst, vanilla diamonds and the perfectly matched strawberry gold chain or a beautiful piece with Kiwiberry green diamonds draped gracefully around your neck.

Want more choices for exquisite chocolate diamond designer pieces? Shop our exclusive selection of Le Vian® earrings and rings to find even more beautiful pieces as unique as you are. When you treat yourself to the rare designs that you can find only with Le Vian®, you know that you are wearing the designer jewelry you deserve.