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Le Vian® Rings

When you hear the term "chocolate diamonds," you naturally think of Le Vian®. That’s because Le Vian® is the only jeweler to create fine jewelry using these rare and luxurious diamonds. You know you’ll be getting something special when you shop our collection of Le Vian® rings. This collection features select chocolate diamonds that must pass a strict evaluation for clarity and cut, and, of course, those exquisite shades of chocolate. Le Vian® chocolate diamond rings glow with an almost endless palette of distinctly chocolate shades ranging from a golden hue to a deep, rich cognac.

When you wear Le Vian®, you’re saying that you are as rare and fashion-forward as the fine jewelry you buy. Browse our extensive collection of Le Vian® jewelry and discover the designs of the rings, necklaces and earrings are as unique as the chocolate diamonds they feature. Imagine wearing a stunning Le Vian® ring that weaves a tapestry of vanilla, blueberry and aquamarine diamonds to complement the chocolate diamonds set in 14k strawberry gold. If you thought Le Vian® was only about chocolate diamonds, wait until you see what they can do with opals, topaz and sapphires.

From exclusive designs like the chocolate diamond ring with Blueberry Tanzanite™ featured only at Belk to the elegant Le Vian® engagement rings that tell brides-to-be that they are truly "the one," shop our beautiful collection and see for yourself why chocolate diamonds make such a fashionable statement.