NYX Lipstick

Whether you’re longing for a statement lip color like bright purple or want to perfect your go-to natural look, NYX lipstick is the place to start. With professional quality products at affordable prices, you can experiment with colors both new and traditional. For a more subtle look, you can start with NYX lip liner Whipped Caviar to outline your lips. This will define your curves and perfect the shape of your mouth, preventing the lip color from bleeding or feathering. For longer wear, fill in with the lip pencil before your next step. Follow the liner with a Soft Matte Lip Cream like Stockholm for full, lush lips in peach tones suitable for the office.

For a bold, statement lip in shades like rich purple, fire engine red or vivid blue, start with a hydrating lip serum so your lips are at their best. All eyes will be on them with this look. Then, use NYX lipstick primer to ensure you get the truest shade and longest wear from the color you choose. Select a NYX lip liner like Amethyst to define your lips. Follow with Slip Tease lip oil Feisty or metallic lip cream Havana to give your lips the royal purple treatment. Complement the dramatic color by choosing from a range of vibrant or softer eyeshadow shades.

For a smaller step towards bold lip color, consider NYX lip gloss in a translucent shade of purple, blue or green layered over pink lips.