Ralph Lauren Cologne

Along with a close, smooth shave and skin care, cologne is an important part of your overall grooming. Before you dress, a light application of a quality men’s fragrance like Polo cologne can boost your confidence, polishing your image as a put-together man.

Ralph Lauren cologne is a clean and classic line of men’s fragrance with a number of formulas to suit different personalities and occasions. Polo Blue is a versatile Polo Ralph Lauren cologne, with a refreshing, outdoorsy scent and rich base notes of wood and musk. Layer with the Polo Blue deodorant and body spray for long-lasting effect. Polo Black is another versatile scent with a sweeter, fruitier presence. Wear this fragrance anywhere from the beach to the office. Polo Green is the timeless scent that first made Polo cologne famous. It’s a robust, masculine scent, especially effective for important events. Ralph Lauren Polo Red carries complex notes of warmth and luxury that make it an excellent choice for intimate occasions.

Apply Polo cologne directly to dry skin, after your shower. Begin with a light spray on your chest. Your body heat will work with the fragrance throughout the day. For more coverage, add a spray to just under your jawline, and the inside of each wrist. Subtlety is your goal. Store Ralph Lauren colognes, in a cool, dark, dry place, like your bedroom closet. For Ralph Lauren cologne, shop Belk.