Sigma® Brush Cleaner

Keep your beauty routine on track with Sigma® brush cleaner. We know that creating the perfect look takes premium foundation, blush and other makeup from great brands like Sigma® cosmetics. But even the highest quality makeup is only as good as the applicators and brushes you use to apply it. Make sure you have the best face brushes, lip brushes and other beauty essentials for flawless looks. Sigma® magic brush cleaner like a Sigma® brush cleaning mat, glove and Sigma® SigMagic™ Brushampoo™ will keep those brushes in tip-top shape.

Find the tools you need to keep your brushes clean and ready for action. For your Sigma® eye brushes and face brushes, the Sigma Spa® cleaning mat has 7 patented textures for easy and thorough cleaning. For more convenience and faster cleaning, choose a Sigma Spa® brush cleaning glove with 8 advanced cleaning textures. The glove features a two-thumb design for quick-turn access so you can clean more brushes in less time. If you want to take your beauty regimen on the road, the Express cleaning glove is a compact brush cleaner that gives you the same great results as the Sigma® brush cleaning mat.

Whether you choose a brush cleaning mat or glove, be sure to use the Sigma® SigMagic™ Brushampoo™ for deep cleaning brush fibers and removing makeup residue. From Sigma® brush cleaners to brush sets, you’ll find the makeup accessories you need to create the looks you love at Belk.