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Cost Cutting Ideas

Weddings are expensive!! There are some things you can do to help cut the final costs of your event if you don't mind doing a little leg work.


Table Arrangements
Flower arrangements cost a lot but also add beautiful detail to your wedding day. One thing you can do to cut down on the cost of table arrangements is buy the vases in advance. Many florists charge large fees for using their vases. Visit a local pottery store, yard sales and antique stores and buy a few at a time throughout the year. You can find beautiful clear and colored glass vases. Ask the florist to create the arrangements in your vases. Plus, you get to take them home at the end of the day. Feeling very adventurous, try your hand at the arranging. There are some step-by-step videos that can help you quickly learn the art flower arranging. Buying large bundles of fresh cut flowers and arranging them on your own will definitely save you a lot.


You would be shocked at what some grocery store bakeries can do with cakes these days. Visit your local supermarket and view the sweet confections they offer. One word of caution- if wedding cakes are not something they have attempted before but are willing to try, ask if the baker will make an attempt before the big day. I'm not sure you want to be their first experiment.


Open Bar?
Providing an open bar can be one of the priciest elements of your reception. If you are determined to have an open bar, try to select a venue that allows you to bring in your own alcohol. Create a list of all of the beverages you'll offer. Split the list up and let your family members each pick up a bottle or 2 a week/month, until the wedding date. By the time the wedding date is here, you will have all of the ingredients for your full bar at a much lower cost.


Service Fees
Some caterers are more laid back and will allow you to bring in your own servers. Post an ad in the local paper for one day only event servers and bartenders. If you happen to be located near a culinary institute, contact the school to see if they have a catering services course. Many of these culinary institutes offer class credit for hours spent working in the field. You can cut your service fees in half using your own servers and bartenders.


Borrow a Dress
If this is something you are open to and you have a friend and or family member with an available dress. This is a great way to save money.

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