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let it snow, angel! relax and revel in
let it snow, angel! relax and revel in the sparkling scent of fresh air and white flowers, and find yourself transported. perfect for layering (and giving), this shower gel set includes snow angel shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath 8 ...

Body Wash, Bar Soap, Shower Gel and More

Keep your skin clean and fresh with Belk’s body wash, bar soap and shower gel products. With so many products to choose from, you’ll find the right body soap for your skin type. Whether you prefer a shower gel with long-lasting fragrance, an exfoliating body wash to make skin feel refreshed, or a moisturizing body wash that will leave your skin feeling soft and silky, all of these products will give you a luxurious lathering experience. Enhance your skin treatment with moisturizer and hand cream after your shower to keep skin hydrated.