Flat Irons & Hair Straighteners

For sleek, straight, glossy hair, a good flat iron is the tool you need to give you the style you crave. Whether your hair cascades to your waist or grazes your collar, is thick or fine or curly, wavy or frizzy, we have the hair straightener for you. Even straight hair becomes shinier and smoother with extra lift in just the right spots with the use of a quality flat iron or straightening brush.

Because beauty begins with good health, our selection of flat irons emphasizes quality. Hair straighteners made with ceramic or tourmaline are not as damaging to your hair as cheaper models made of simple metal. They distribute heat evenly through your hair, giving you straight, smooth hair in shorter time. Tourmaline irons produce negative ions that coat the hair shafts, closing the hair cuticles to tame frizz and leave your tresses glossy and straight.

The beautiful, straight hair you seek begins in the shower, so select a shampoo and conditioner that repairs and protects your hair. Boost your hair’s health with a serum or treatment that builds vitality and shine. To avoid damage, fully dry your hair before you use your flat iron. Move your hair dryer in the direction the cuticle grows, blowing warm air from root to tip as you gently brush it. This smoothes the cuticle before you apply your hair straightener. Apply a heat protectant and smooth your way to straight, shining hair.