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Nail Polish Sets & Nail Tools

Beautiful hands and well-manicured nails make you feel more confident and look your best. Coordinate your nails with your lip color, outfit or just indulge in a beautiful shade. Enjoy salon worthy-results at home with top quality nail polish sets and the right nail tools. The key to a successful home manicure is working with quality products.

What sets designer nail polish sets apart are the quality of the formula, the application brush and, of course, the glorious nail polish colors. Though other brands also achieve beautiful color in the bottle, designer formula delivers the full color intensity to your nails in just one or two coats — so the bottle goes further and the application is easier. You’ll get full coverage even with soft, pale shades in only a few coats. The polish glides onto your nail, free of clumps, streaks or bubbles. And you’ll love the thick applicator brush that perfectly completes each nail in just a stroke or two. The polish lasts a week without chipping for durable, lasting beauty.

Before you have fun with the nail polish sets, make good use of your nail tools to push back your cuticles and trim away an uneven nail or hangnail. Regularly treat your hands to organic nail and hand care products to nourish and soften them, reducing fine lines and soothing dry skin. Once your hands are well cared for, reach for your favorite nail polish color.