Animated elves are in different colored circles in front are in front of a red background with snowflakes. Meet the joy squad! the merriest little bunch of elves.
An animated elf with blonde pigtail braids and a santa clause hat is smiling and waving, saying, hey, I'm Merry! Here to make your holidays merry and bright! I'll help you find the best gifts for everyone on your list! A polaroid of her is in the corner. She has her arms up, posing and smiling, and written on the polaroid is sleighin' it!
An elef with red overalls and a striped shirt with glasses reads a long list, saying, sup, grinches. I'm Dave. I'm in charge of time management. I'll make sure you stay on track so all your gifts arrive in time. A polaroid of him is in the corner. He is making a kissing face. Written on the polaroid is, oh deer, I hate being in photos.
An elf with blue overalls and an orange shirt is smiling and waving, saying, hi, I'm Joy! Spreading a little joy everywhere I go! I love sharing good news, like deals, rewards, and fun surprises! A polaroid of her smiling is in the corner with the writing, say trees for the camera!
An animated elf with christmas lights wrapped around his shoulders, hands, and neck is saying, and I'm Happy! No, really, I'm so happy to meet you! I'm just here to party and keep the Christmas magic alive! A polaroid of him smiling and making a peace sign is in the corner and written on it is, peace, love, and candy canes!